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  • Doing the `.split()` with Javascript

    Doing the `.split()` with Javascript

    I recently learned that the .split() method in Javascript can take in an optional second argument that is the number of times it’ll split a given string. It’ll ignore everything after the string has been split that number of times, even if there are additional matches. In this post, I will explain how split() works, […]

  • Count How Many Days Until Halloween with Javascript Date Objects

    I’ve had fun making updates to my Halloweenti.me project this October. I made the decision not to make it an open source or Hacktoberfest eligible project this year. But, I’ve enjoyed making upgrades and trying new things. When I refreshed this project in early October, I knew that my current logic did not account for […]

  • Switching Themes Based on the Current Month

    Recently, I’ve been experimenting with Javascript Date objects. I wanted to see if I could dynamically change the theme of a webpage, based on the current date. For example, if it was October, the spookiest month of the year, I could have an orange, purple and black theme to remind them of Halloween. Let’s try […]

  • Approaching Problems like a Software Engineer

    Approaching Problems like a Software Engineer

    Solving problems as an engineer is part of getting to a solution that works. And part getting to a solution that scales, accounts for edge cases or has minimal trade-offs or side effects.

  • Oh Hex! Building a Random Hex Generator with Javascript

    For my first #7Days7Websites project, I revisited an old idea for a random hex value generator. Creating a Random Hex Color I had tried to build it with Javascript, then Ruby, but for today, I wanted to try a Javascript method again. In the past, I was able to randomly full an item from an […]