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  • Keyframes


    I’ve been experimenting with CSS Animations recently. One aspect of animation that I had a difficult time grasping was the @keyframes syntax. While I understood @keyframes as stops or points in the lifecycle of the animation, it was difficult to translate what I visualized into workable code. While coding an animation to help with focus […]

  • vh & vw

    What are vh units and how do you use them?

  • Scoville, fun with peppers and gradients

    For day 2 of #7Days7Websites, I may have bitten off more than I could handle, but I still had fun. I wanted to build and design a mobile-first website, without any frameworks and do some experimenting with gradients. Most likely inspired by last night’s enchiladas, I choose the Wikipedia entry for the Scoville scale as […]

  • Oh Hex! Building a Random Hex Generator with Javascript

    For my first #7Days7Websites project, I revisited an old idea for a random hex value generator. Creating a Random Hex Color I had tried to build it with Javascript, then Ruby, but for today, I wanted to try a Javascript method again. In the past, I was able to randomly full an item from an […]