The One Where I Tweeted About Imposter Syndrome

On Tuesday, I tweeted about imposter syndrome. How do other #devdiscuss peeps deal with imposter syndrome? — Shannon Crabill (@shannon_crabill) September 27, 2017 I didn’t expect my Tweet to catch on, but it did. My phone has been blowing up with new comments, likes and retweets. It seems a lot of people can relate which […]

The One Where I Learned Javascript

I’ve been avoiding learning Javascript for a while now. How long? Probably as long as I’ve known HTML & CSS which has been 5-6 years at this point. I’ve known of Javascript but only felt comfortable looking at variables and saying, “Yup, that’s Javascript!” I saw Javascript as an obstacle that would be very difficult to learn, […]

Choosing an Email Platform: 6 Top Design Requirements to Consider

For the second time, I had the honor of being asked to weigh in on what an email designer should think about when choosing an email platform. Here is the post, as featured on Email Design Workshop, the blog. Choosing an Email Platform: 6 Top Design Requirements to Consider

The One with the Cover Letter

On a whim, I signed up for the course BerkeleyX: ColWri2.2x Academic and Business Writing. It is a 5 week course with weekly journal assignments. I’ll be posting responses to the journal prompts here as I go. This week’s focus was on being a critical reader, note taking and annotation and to start brainstorming ideas for our […]