I don’t usually participate in daily challenges, but #7Days7Websites challenge by Florin Pop was one I could get behind. For one week, all I had to do was build a website using any framework with any content that I wanted and my share progress.


Since graduating from Flatiron School a few weeks ago, I missed being the structure of being in class. I took a break from coding to decompress and come back refreshed. At the same time, I missed coding for the front end and want to experiment with new technologies. I have a backlog of ideas, so this challenge is a good way to jump back in.

I’ll start, Sunday, May 17th, and will be sharing my process on my blog and on Twitter. More information about the #7Days7Websites challenge can be found here.

Want to Improve Your Coding Skills? Join the #7Days7Websites Coding Challenge

#7Days7Websites Projects

  1. Oh, Hex! A random hex color generator
  2. Scoville, fun with peppers and gradients
  3. Bubble Wrap. Virtual bubble wrap to pop over and over again.
  4. Pricing Component. Frontend Mentor Challenge

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