7 Days 7 Websites

7 Days 7 Websites

I don’t usually participate in daily challenges, but #7Days7Websites challenge by Florin Pop was one I could get behind. For one week, all I had to do was build a website using any framework with any content that I wanted and my share progress.


Since graduating from Flatiron School a few weeks ago, I missed being the structure of being in class. I took a break from coding to decompress and come back refreshed. At the same time, I missed coding for the front end and want to experiment with new technologies. I have a backlog of ideas, so this challenge is a good way to jump back in.

I’ll start, Sunday, May 17th, and will be sharing my process on my blog and on Twitter. More information about the #7Days7Websites challenge can be found here.

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#7Days7Websites Projects

  1. Oh, Hex! A random hex color generator
  2. Scoville, fun with peppers and gradients
  3. Bubble Wrap. Virtual bubble wrap to pop over and over again.
  4. Pricing component with toggle. Frontend Mentor Challenge
  5. Intro component with sign-up form. Frontend Mentor Challenge
  6. Single price grid component. Frontend Mentor Challenge
  7. Toggle Switch. Front-end Challenge Club, Piccalil.li


Since completing this challenge, I took the time to reflect on my experiences, what I learned, and if I would do it again. I’ve gathered those thoughts and reflections into their own blog post, Coding Everyday Is Fun—Until It Isn’t.

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